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Guidelines how to contact Yahoo for the CAPTCHA verification problems

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Basically CAPTCHA verification is used to protect against spam and the unauthorized access of the account. You are needed to select the correct images as ask in the CAPTCHA verification. In this you need to verify that you are the human not a spam sending computer.

Even all these you can have the problem in CAPTCHA verification then only question appear in your mind that how to contact Yahoo. But before contacting Yahoo you need to know what is problem occurred in CAPTCHA verification.

There are some CAPTCHA verification issues which can occur in the Yahoo mail

  • You will encountered CAPTCHA while performing new action
  • Unreadable CAPTCHA showing on the screen
  • CAPTCHA doesn’t displayed while accessing account

Now, you can solve problems with the help of contact Yahoo support. It will provide you instant help for solving such problems. These problems can be becomes easy when you will solve these problems with Yahoo support as a instant support.

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