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Is there any process to add or remove account recovery method in Yahoo?

Know the process to add and remove recovery email and phone number in the Yahoo mail

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In a situation, where you are locked out of the Yahoo account, then it is not clearly a serious problem to comprehend. On the contrary, there are ways to deal with the issue, which are clearly meant to help you out. If for any reason, you are having trouble adding or removing account recovery method, then on a priority basis, you must call the Yahoo customer service phone number, so as to find an immediate resolution.

There are occasions when you might lose the password and it then becomes necessary to have a phone number along with the email address linked to the account, which in a way helps in the recovery procedure.

Adding or Removing Recovery Option in Yahoo

  • Log into your Yahoo account.

  • Click on the Cog icon and select Account.

  • From the drop-down menu, click Account Security.

  • Select Email Address and Phone Number.

  • Click Add recover address or Add recovery phone number.

  • Follow the instructions on the redirected page and verify the new info details.

  • As for removing the account info, use the delete icon from the Account Security tab.

To understand the various attributes related to adding or removing the recovery options, you are free to call the Yahoo support number, at any point in time.

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